CBD crystals / pure substance


HERRLAN®PREMIUM CBD crystals from certified organic cultivation - Made in Germany -

CBD crystals free from THC


What are CBD crystals?

CBD crystals are made of very fine powder and have a very high proportion of cannabidiol. The crystals are extracted directly from the hemp plant and are therefore the purest form of CBD products. This has the advantage that the effect of CBD is fast and powerful. Because our CBD crystals are free of THC, they are therefore not psychoactive. The CBD crystals is said to bring a wide range of applications with it and because of its barely detectable side risks as a much-used medical remedy for various complaints can remedy.


CBD Crystal / Substance / Isolate is not equal to CBD Crystal / Substance / Isolate

We process / produce our natural hemp products exclusively from certified organic cultivation. We stand for the highest quality and the entire production is subject to constant quality controls.

Produced by CO2 extraction, a particularly gentle processing of hemp flowers is guaranteed. All production steps are monitored by our production management and QA and analyzed by external independent laboratories.

At HERRLAN, you receive only the purest and freshest PREMIUM CBD crystals, CBD products and CBD raw materials, and only in the highest quality!

Best before date

12 months

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